Back Pain Treatments

What is Back Pain?

Pain along the back or spine due to a condition or injury

There are many types and causes of back and spinal pain which can vary from person to person. It can cause symptoms from aching muscles to nerve pain and sciatica, to lack of mobility and more. The pain can occur anywhere on the back or spine and can radiate elsewhere it. It can range from mild to severe depending on the specific condition or injury. 

Possible Causes of Back Pain

When to See a Doctor

Back pain can greatly affect daily life and should be evaluated immediately if you experience consistent pain, had an injury or are having trouble moving. Since there are many different causes and conditions surrounding back pain, it is important to get it evaluated and treated promptly. 

Treatment Options

The various treatment options we currently offer for Back Pain Conditions.

Injection Treatments

There are a variety of spinal and muscle injections that can be helpful in treating the symptoms and condition of back pain - including trigger points, nerve blocks, epidurals, and more. Each utilize a different kind of medication targeted at a specific area to treat the pain or issue directly.


This out patient procedure helps treat spinal stenosis and disc degeneration. It is a minimally invasive procedure that helps remove the stenosis at a certain level in the spine to allow for a clean slate between the discs and promote healing.


This out patient procedure is another minimally invasive treatment that can help reduce the symptoms of spinal stenosis and disc degeneration. By inserting a small spacer into the necessary area, it provides pressure relief and pain relief in the spine and radiating areas to help correct the issue.

Regenerative Medicine

There are also various regenerative treatments that can be utilized to help promote inflammation reduction, tissue regrowth and strengthening naturally in the body. This can help the body heal the issue itself and promote stability.

Spinal Cord Stimulator

This out patient procedure provides relief to the back and through the legs by placing two cords along the nerves outside the spine and sending electrical pulses throughout - controlled by the patient via a remote control. It helps retrain the body's sensation of pain and gives the patient full control over the area of pain.


Various medications are also available to help treat the symptoms of various back pain conditions and injuries including anti-inflammatories and nerve pain medications.

Time for a Consultation

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If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of back pain make an appointment to be evaluated today. 

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