Joint Pain Treatments

What is Joint Pain?

Inflammation in the Joints

Joint pain is physical discomfort and a pain sensation felt where two bones meet, typically due to inflammation. The causes of pain in the joints can range from an injury, overuse, or age to a specific condition such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. Many people experience joint pain as they age simply due to the degeneration of the cushioning between the bones of a specific joint from overuse and aging. When this cushion disappears, it creates an uncomfortable bone ‘rubbing’ sensation that causes pain, inflammation and swelling. 

Common Symptoms of Joint Pain & Arthritis

When to See a Doctor

If you regularly experience joint pain, had an injury that is causing pain in a joint area, or have redness/swelling, stiffness and lack of range of motion, it is time to contact a doctor to be evaluated. 

Treatment Options

The various treatment options we currently offer for Joint Pain and Arthritis Conditions. 

Injection Treatments

There are various injection medication treatments that can be useful in treating joint pain. Most of which help in reducing inflammation, lubricating the joint to promote mobility, and eliminating pain in and around the area.

Regenerative Medicine

There are also new, regenerative treatment options that aim to promote healing, regrowth and strengthening of tissue, tendons and muscles around the joint naturally. This can help restrengthen the area to promote healing and ease pain over time.

Physical Therapy/Exercises

In addition to eliminating pain, it is important to strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding the joint in pain. This helps your body decrease the amount of pressure on the joint and allows you to carry more of that tension in the strong surrounding muscles. Physical therapy and low-impact exercises can be a helpful tool in healing.

Supplements & Medications

There are also several natural supplements that can support the body in both preventing and treating joint pain and strength. In addition, there are some medications available that can help reduce inflammation, pain, and help keep symptoms of joint pain under control.

Time for a Consultation

Request an Appointment

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of Joint Pain or Arthritis, make an appointment to be evaluated today. 

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