Nerve Pain Treatments

What is Nerve Pain?

Emergency signals sent to the brain that create a pain sensation in the body

Nerve Pain, or Neuropathic Pain, occurs when an injury, health condition or other incident cause the body to send emergent signals to the brain in which the brain converts to the sensation we feel as pain. It can be a tricky type of pain in that most people experience different symptoms, in many different places, and it can often be difficult to “retrain” the brain to turn off the signals and remind the body that it is not in danger. 

Common Symptoms of Nerve Pain

When to See a Doctor

If you regularly experience any of the above symptoms in any area of the body, or had a recent injury that is causing these symptoms it may be time to see a doctor. There are many neurological conditions and injuries that can affect nerve pain, so it is important to be evaluated as soon as possible.

Treatment Options

The various treatment options we currently offer for Migraine Disorders.

Nerve Blocks

A type of injection called a Nerve Block can be an effective treatment in eliminating nerve pain at the source. A Numbing agent is injected into the nerve, or cluster of nerves, in order to get the nerve to relax so that the brain no longer receive the emergent pain signals. There are various types of nerve blocks available.

Radiofrequency Ablations

Another form of minimally invasive injection treatments is a Radiofrequency Ablation, or RFA. This procedure utilizes a numbing agent and heated electrical pulses to help safely burn off the nerve endings that are causing the signals to the brain. This helps eliminate the body's pain response and associated symptoms.

Spinal Cord Stimulator

This type of out patient procedure is often for those who experience neuropathy in their back, legs and feet. Typically, two cords are placed along the nerves outside the spine to provide electrical stimulation that helps to change the response of the nerves to pain - all controlled by the patient via a remote control. A trial is available for this procedure.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

There are various other types of nerve stimulators that can help additional areas of nerve pain throughout the body. These can provide symptom relief and retraining of the body through those same pulsing sensations.


For various types of neuropathy and nerve pains there are medications that can help both treat the issue and keep symptoms at ease.

Time for a Consultation

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If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of Nerve Pain, make an appointment to be evaluated today. 

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